The enrollees of the Civilian Conservation Corps camps published camp
newspapers as part of the journalism class taught by the camp's educational
advisor. Working on the newspapers gave enrollees experience in writing,
instruction in English and grammar, and training in art. The newspaper helped
develop reading skills in all the enrollees.  

The camp newspapers had several goals: improving morale; teaching literacy;
building camp solidarity; and teaching social skills. They included illustrations,
jokes, details of work projects, and articles on citizenship, proper behavior,
safety, and health. These newspapers are a rich source of information about
work projects and camp life.

I have been researching, transcribing, indexing, and enjoying the camp
newspapers for the past three years. I have written informational materials,
created displays, developed rosters and histories, and given presentations on
the stories of the CCC enrollees as written and illustrated in the newspapers.

See my
CCC Résumé and my CCC page for more information on work in this
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Southern Arizona
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Cochise County

Sharon Hunt, In Their Own Words: The Camp Newspapers of CCC Co.
3840, Camp SCS-19-A,St. David, AZ, and Camp SCS-26-A, Patagonia,

Camp SCS-19-A, Co. 3840, Camp Newspaper Selection


    A group of boys went to Tombstone to a dance. After the dance
    they didn’t want to come home. We wonder why? Could it be the

    Lost: One dirty shirt. When laundered please return to J.C.

    The greatest advantage of the pool tables is that Lieutenant
    has no difficulty in locating his First Sergeant and Clerks.

Pima County

    Index to the Colossal Cave Civilian Conservation Corps Newsletters,
    1934–1937. 2006.

    "The CCC Boys of Colossal Cave at Work and at Play.”
    Presentation at the Arizona History Convention, Chandler, AZ,
    April 25, 2008. Excerpt


           Cecil Wilson is pusher on the gang laying the pavement to
           the Bridal Chamber and says that Hades isn’t the only place
           that’s paved with good intentions.

           And then there's Jimmy Bolles' Gang! "The Obliteration
           Crew" it's called, but the boys themselves think that the
           "obliterated crew" will soon be the moniker. Bolles is slaying
           'em with work. Yeah, Jimmy is okay, but Motorcycle
           DeLeon had the right idea when he asked Popeye,         
           "Whaddya think I am, a slave?  

Camp Newspapers of SP-6-A, Manville Wells, Tucson, 2013


    Anyone who has not been on K.P. has yet to see “Spot”
    Roberts incorporate a kind of syncopated rhythm while
    mixing batter.

    Let us remember boys that we still have our parents who
    need our help. Let’s not be selfish and forget our dear
    Mothers. If they did not need our help we wouldn’t have

    The happiest man in camp is “Tiny” Knight when he gets a
    letter from his “Honey”!   

Santa Cruz County

    Co. 2847, Walker Canyon, Nogales, AZ; Flux Canyon, Patagonia, AZ
    Co. 1826-V, Madera Canyon, AZ

    Co. 3840, Camp SCS-26-A, Patagonia, AZ

    In Their Own Words: The Camp Newspapers of Civilian Conservation
    Corps Company 3840, Camp SCS-19-A, St. David, AZ, and Camp SCS-
    26-A,Patagonia, AZ. Tucson, Arizona, 2011.
    In Their Own Words: The Story of the Civilian Conservation Corps As
    Told in the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Newspapers of Santa Cruz
    County, AZ. Tucson, Arizona, 2011.               

    The little girl that Jerry is infatuated with in Patagonia
    seems to take up three fourths of his thinking capacity.
    (SCS-26-A, Patagonia)

    Our Recreation Hall is all trimmed and decorated,
    including a big Xmas tree.
    On Xmas day there will be held a surprise program. (SCS-
    26-A, Patagonia)

    We will save on rations for awhile since the dentist pulled
    Campus’s teeth.
    It will also give some of us fellows a chance to eat. (SCS-26-
    A, Patagonia)

    Mr. David: “Christian, that dike has to be finished in a
    L.P. Christian: “Well, sir, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
    Mr. David: “I wasn’t bossing that job, either.” (SCS-26-A,
    “Here get behind this tree” BOOM-mm smoke has cleared
    away so we can see that a road is in the making. Huge
    piles of rock have been jarred loose by that shot of
    dynamite. Ben Duncan and his crew of seven men easily do
    the work of two hundred others in a day with their system
    of moving rocks. (F-63-A, Flux Canyon)

    Kelley: Say, Sam, I can’t get these arithmetic examples.
    Teacher said somethin’ bout findin’ the greatest common
    Foster: (in disgust): Great Scott! Haven’t they found that
    thing yet? Why, they was huntin’ for it when I was a boy.
    (F-63-A, Flux Canyon)

    Tommie Gavagen says he is going to take his bed with him
    next time he goes to Phoenix. When he came home the
    other day, the boys in barrack four had removed the
    springs that held the mattress, and put strings instead. (F-
    30-A, Madera Canyon)

    Luke Perricone, always friendly and smiling; brother of the
    only male quadruplets in the world, will be made
    conspicuous by his absence. (F-64-A, Walker Canyon)