A Brief History

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was one of President Franklin D.
Roosevelt's New Deal projects. The program was developed to combat
unemployment among the nation's young men and to conserve the nation's
natural resources.

Nearly 3.5 million men served in more than 4,500 camps across the country
1933-1942. Among their many accomplishments, the boys of the CCC
planted 3 billion trees; built 125,000 miles of roads; spent 4.2 million
man-days fighting forest fires; arrested soil erosion on more than 20 million
acres of farmland; and built or improved 800 national and state parks.
Source: NACCCA).

In southern Arizona, the CCC boys worked on forestry projects, soil
erosion control, and recreational area development.
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
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Civilian Conservation Corps
Recognition Day

an event honoring the
contributions of the CCC to
Arizona and to the country
and disseminating information
on this important program
this all-day event at Saguaro
National Park West, Tucson,
features presentations
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CCC Co. 3840

Co. 3840, was at St. David, AZ
, Camp SCS-19-A, 1935-1939,
and at Patagonia, AZ, Camp
SCS-26-A, 1939-1941

CCC in Southern Arizona

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CCC Newspapers
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