First Aid card earned by Eduardo Quiroz “Buck” Castillo of Camp SCS-19-A, Patagonia, AZ, in June 1941.
Safety and First Aid training were important educational programs in the CCC.

Permission to reproduce the First Aid card kindly given by Mr. Castillo and his son Daniel. These images
may not be reproduced or used in any way without the express permission of the Castillo family.

Mr. Castillo, from Nogales, was a talented baseball pitcher: Camp SCS-26-A’s softball team has new
spirits and pep since Buck Castillo, pitcher of Southern Trust from Nogales, has entered our camp along
with some “Rookies” of Phoenix who helped fill vacant spots in the infield and outfield. [Camp
newspaper, July 1939]
Civilian Conservation Corps Company 3840 was stationed at St. David, AZ,
from 1935-1939 and at Patagonia, AZ, from 1939-1941.

The camp was abandoned in October 1939 when Company 3840 moved to
Camp SCS-26-A in Patagonia. Enrollees at this camp hailed from Arizona or
Texas. The camp was closed in September 1941, and Company 3840 moved
to Parker Lake in northern Arizona.

The personnel of CCC Company 3840 were involved in soil erosion control
projects in the St. David and Patagonia areas and on nearby cattle ranches.
Technical Services personnel from the federal Soil Conservation Service
supervised the enrollees.

Work projects of the camp were dedicated to water control and soil
conservation: construction of rubble masonry dams, earth dams, brush
dams, contour ditches, head cuts, gully plugs, wire check dams, rock
percolators, diversion dams, water-spreading dikes, masonry drops, and
weirs. The CCCers also were engaged in revegetation projects; road and
truck trail construction; fence construction; and stock tank and water trough
CCC Company 3840

St. David, Ariz.; Patagonia, Ariz.

Camps SCS-19-A; SCS-26-A

1935-1939; 1939-1941
I've researched and written a history of CCC Company 3840, based on the camp newspapers, CCC histories,
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Civilian Conservation Corps Company 3840 History Excerpt (full text is 127 pp.)

I've indexed and transcribed the
camp newspapers and created camp rosters.        

Camp SCS-19-A, St. David, AZ, Roster

  Camp SCS-26-A, Patagonia, AZ, Roster

  Camp SCS-19-A, St. David, AZ, Camp Newspaper Selection

  Camp SCS-26-A, Patagonia, AZ, Camp Newspaper Selection

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